The future of
air quality management

...transforming data on air pollution into real insights
for greener cities & future-oriented companies

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We combine satellite, weather and other geo data with our own network of AQ sensors
to produce sophisticated spatial and temporal maps of air pollution

Our environmental data provides a quantitative basis for decision-making

Our real-time heatmaps pinpoint and track pollution hotspots

Our granular spatial insights enable effective, targeted investment

Our digital products offer a new tool to measure and mitigate for air pollution

Our Solution

Hawa Dawa provides an easy-to-use heatmap and dashboard as well as a sophisticated API that allows you to identify pollution hotspots, monitor change and take action to improve air quality. Our high-precision and low-cost air quality sensor units are deployed as an IoT network: We collect granular spatial and temporal pollutant measurements of air quality and analyse our data in-house, implementing machine learning techniques and multiple data sources to produce actionable air quality maps.

We understand in-depth the behaviour, capabilities and challenges of small scale air quality sensors. This combined with our aptitude in modeling and calibration methods is where we differentiate ourselves.

Our Vision

In more than 90% of global cities, levels of hazardous air pollutants exceed the legally established limits; posing a hazard to health and limiting sustainable economic growth. Our vision is to make environmental data a part of the mainstream of decision-making, unlocking new opportunities for cities, citizens and businesses.

Collaboration is central to our exploration and design of new environmental data use cases. In joint projects, we develop effective products and services together with our customers and partners that can help drive and support sustainable urban transitions.


Identification and monitoring of air pollution hotspots

Explore new data-driven air quality mechanisms

Analysis and visualisation of air pollution mitigation measures

Integration of diverse datasets for new insights

Solutions for cities

We are connecting digitisation with air quality. With this approach we are one step ahead of the game in the context of ‘Dieselgate’, vehicle bans, mobility 4.0 and the smart city. Our sensors have been field tested by independent experts. We are measuring all relevant parameters: NO2, PM2.5, PM10, CO, SO2, O3, Pressure, Relative Humidity and Noise. By providing you with the right tools, we take the guessing game out of future planning.

Solutions for companies

Hawa Dawa pushes the limits of both existing sensor technologies and artificial intelligence – to provide highly precise and robust sensor nodes for outdoor conditions. Our quality is trusted by our commercial partners. We work together with them to design air quality improvement measures, scale through existing infrastructure or combine our environmental insights with state-of-the-art data models.