We make the invisible

...data at the heart of decision making
for smart green cities


...is to push environmental data into the mainstream of decision-making and to unlock unlimited clean air for cities, businesses and citizens. Hawa Dawa aims to make the invisible visible: we form the first link of a new digital knowledge network to steer and activate resilient and decarbonised cities.

Our international team comprises engineers, software and data analysts, sensor, satellite and traffic modelling experts as well as business folk and is  committed to realising this vision. Together we are pushing the frontiers of machine learning and sensor technologies to produce innovative new data products and services for our customers.


We are a highly specialised international team, experts in both data modelling and analysis and hardware development

We offer a full service to help our customers navigate through and apply our environmental data

We are a young and agile team challenging the status quo through a new commodity of environmental data


Karim Tarraf

Karim is CEO and Managing Director of Hawa Dawa, responsible for leading the overall vision and developing our core business activities with partners.

Yvonne Rusche

Yvonne is the COO of Hawa Dawa, responsible for all finance & legal, communications and general organisational topics.

Janina Stork

Janina manages our key projects, supporting the CEO in developing these key accounts, whilst serving as scrum master for the software team.

Cassi Welling

Cassi is responsible for managing our manufacturing activities, business development & fundraising, and supports the COO on operational matters.

Heiko Erhardt

As Co-founder, Business Angel and Coach, Heiko supports across the entire business, introducing agile practices, operational efficiencies and guiding our external communications.

Stéphan Dreher

As an external expert, Stéphane brings extensive knowledge of transport data and analytics from his experience at HERE, Ertico and as Transport Data and Statistics Expert for the UNDP.

Paolo Sebben

As senior consultant and partner at Effectas (the Smart City Experts), Paolo supports as an external advisor on how best to work with cities, energy utilities and telco companies to implement new digital initiatives.


Matt Fullerton

Matt is a Co-founder and responsible for all software development at Hawa Dawa, having worked previously in image processing, traffic modelling, open data sources and sensor communication.

Birgit Fullerton

Birgit (PhD) is responsible for Data Science at Hawa Dawa. She has a PhD in neuroscience and carries many years of work experience in health sciences and epidemiological research.

José Levya

José is a senior backend software developer at Hawa Dawa. He is finalizing his PhD at the Centre for Mathematical Philosophy (LMU) and brings several years of experience in the fields of computability and knowledge representation.

Johannes Langer

Johannes joined the Hawa Dawa team as a working student in the field of machine learning. He has a Bachelors Degree in Physics and a Statistics Masters with a specialism in Recurrent Neural Networks.

Thomas McRoberts

Thomas is our software intern, on placement from Queen's University in Belfast where he is studying for an MEng in Software and Electronic Systems Engineering. He has a strong interest in robotics and embedded systems.

Stefanie Schrader

Stefanie supports as an external advisor in the field of air quality modeling and integration of satellite data. She has a PhD in atmospheric sciences from KIT and worked for several years in the field of satellite earth observation in the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


Jannai Flaschberger

Jannai is co-founder and hardware engineer, responsible for the guiding the hardware and firmware development at Hawa Dawa. He is a mechanical engineer and was listed one of the top 10 innovators under 35 in Germany and one of the top 35 innovators under 35 in Europe (2017) by MIT Technology Review.

John Dziersk

John is our Head of Hardware Development, responsible for scaling our hardware capabilities and taking our technology to a new level. He brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of sensor development from his background in industrial IoT.

Agni Biswas

Agni is a hardware developer with strong competencies in product development, prototyping and process automisation. He has a Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering with a focus on commodity sensing for air quality monitoring.

Sajjad Soomro

Sajjad has a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from NUST, Pakistan and is currently completing a Masters in Power Engineering at the Technical Univeristy of Munich.  He has gained experience of working in power stations in Pakistan and has a background in renewable energy design. 

Want to work with Hawa Dawa?

We are hiring!

We are looking to expand our multidisciplinary, international team. If you are interested in applying for any of the following positions, please send a 2-page max CV and a 1-page max cover letter to recruitment@hawadawa.com setting out your key achievements, their relevance to Hawa Dawa and what motivates you to join our vision.